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Matt Moreno
April 29, 2023
Fantastic service. Color matches my damaged gutter and it looks better than new. Crew was fast and throughly cleaned up after. Highly recommend!
Pastor Jose' Delgado
June 18, 2022
!Muy bueno!
A Zhao
May 27, 2022
I have a leaking problem on a part of the roof edge for years. I had the gutter cleaned three times a year, had the plumber to drain the pipes and removed the tree next to it. Every one said the gutter was intact and there was nothing they could do. Finally I decided to change the gutter even though I was told it's fine. I'm so grateful that Steve responded quickly and fixed it in a few days. The work was done swiftly and the ground was clean. Today I checked it in the rain, the leaking is completely gone! I really appreciate the team's expertise and professionalism.
Eddie R
May 20, 2022
Professionally done, very quick! And was only a couple weeks turnaround from quote to completion. Would definitely recommend!
Chris S
May 14, 2022
Best gutter cleaning in last 22 years! Cleaned the gutters, washed all debris out, cleaned the downspouts. Some of the drain pipes were clogged and they even cleaned them out. First time ever by a gutter cleaning company. Replaced a few hangers so gutters were properly sloped. Also first time ever. Quick, efficient, and very good communications too. And they are very reasonable - especially for all the work they accomplished. Highly recommended - will not use anyone else as long as I live here.
Porter Hammer
May 3, 2022
I contacted Steve and first had him and his crew replace a 1/4 of the gutters on my house, but after that job I just had him replace ALL the gutters on my house. From the quality of the work and attention to detail, to the type of parts they use from a professional supply house, All About Gutters did a great job. I'm a prolific home improver (name it, I've done everything to my house save a few odds and ends). So I feel pretty good about my inspection of the quality of the work done, and it blew away the leaky job the first gutter guy had done. Twice the number of screws holding things together, actually downspout cleats...all the right stuff instead of janky fabricated stuff. Super solid installation. And the crew is super nice, made sure every time that I was happy before they left and did a great job with clean up. Only thing is you have to be patient: good help is hard to find these days, and Steve and crew are really busy. I highly recommend All About Gutters for gutter replacement and services.
Linda Johnson
November 25, 2021
What a great company. Thanks to Steve and Jim and their workers.My gutter repairs were done with efficiency and professionalism. And very fair in prices.
October 17, 2020
I found All About Gutters / Gutterglove of WA, LLC on YouTube where Steve has posted very informative videos which sealed my decision to have them install our gutters. The installation crew was very professional and got the job done in two days, with some fairly challenging gutters due to the height of our home. I love the clean look of the Gutterglove and the heavy duty hardware that is used to attach the gutters. Steve stands behind his work and made recommendations regarding how to improve our gutter set up even before we awarded him our business. We are very impressed and highly endorse them. UPDATE: We have asked Steve to do a few modifications since the initial install and he has been super responsive and has provided excellent service. His crew actually used a leaf blower on our deck after our last modification. This was not necessary, but was a truly professional touch.

Scott W.
August 26, 2023
Just want to say how much I appreciate Jim, Steve and his crew that came out and installed our gutters. From the first estimate visit to the final clean up and leaving, everyone was very professional and responsive. Communication was top notch, with calls and texts returned promptly. And final result looks fantastic, just really pleased with how it looks and was installed. Price was extremely competitive as well - just overall really happy with them. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone else.
Hans M.
April 18, 2023
Our gutter fell and we called All About Gutters. The job is well done. What I really like is that this is a business that understands the value of good customer service. Their sales and installation teams are friendly and responsive. They did not push for expensive products which we didn't need. We need more contractors like this!
J'Anne C.
March 11, 2023
All I can say is WOW! Awesome communication, awesome price, super fast quote time and installation time. Many companies I contacted via Yelp CLAIMED they did gutters, but turns out they only do gutters when they install a roof for you. We didn't need a new roof. I've hated our ugly white gutters since we bought the house - I've wanted brown ones to better match our house color. There was nothing really wrong with the old white ones, although we learned they were not angled properly. Jim responded immediately to my request for quote, and was at our house within hours. The quote was less than I expected. Install was to be a couple weeks out, but they suddenly had an opening so they installed 2 days after the quote. Unbelievable service - the installers got to our house precisely on time, they came in like a hurricane, got the job done, and cleaned up every speck of debris, like they were ever even here. Highly, highly, highly recommend All About Gutters!
Christine N.
March 6, 2023
I 100% recommend All About Gutters for any needs you have! Steve was extremely helpful, very responsive, and even came out quickly on a Saturday when there was a delay in the work we were having done due to an employee having some family medical issues. I appreciate his taking the time to get the job done for us. We also consulted with Steve about another gutter that had been recommended by a general house inspector for some work, and he was able to walk through with us the approach he would take if we decided to move forward with additional work. Overall, Steve will do a great job, plus he's super nice! 🙂
Rich A.
February 17, 2023
Steve and his crew were extremely professional and did an amazing job cleaning our roof and gutters. Steve came by the next day for an estimate after I filled out the online contact form and we were able to book his crew 2 days later. His crew showed up on time and thoroughly cleaned our roof, gutters, and downspouts, going as far as taking apart some of the downspouts to get to the dirt inside them. They also cleaned up our yard which was littered with branches and debris from a recent storm and left the place spotless. Highly recommend them, I'll be a customer for life.
Denise K.
August 24, 2022
My husband is very hard to please and even HE was amazed at the workmanship and labor that goes into this installation process. The workers were polite, efficient, cleaned up afterwards and our house looks beautiful! We chose the Gutter Glove, no rain yet (we are in a drought) but feel confident that our gutters are going to work as they should! We are senior citizens and could no longer clean the gutter (lots of fur trees) and the prices went up dramatically for gutter cleaning. So, I think I have said it all.....Truly Wonderful experience. And, the Salesman, Jim, gave us really good information about the different types of gutters and covers. We also feel the price was very reasonable! Extremely Happy in Maple Valley!
Ca S.
May 14, 2022
Best gutter cleaning in last 22 years! Cleaned the gutters, washed all debris out, cleaned the downspouts. Some of the drain pipes were clogged and they even cleaned them out. First time ever by a gutter cleaning company. Replaced a few hangers so gutters were properly sloped. Also first time ever. Quick, efficient, and very good communications too. And they are very reasonable - especially for all the work they accomplished. Highly recommended - will not use anyone else as long as I live here.
Michael M.
September 27, 2021
Great group to deal with! Our gutters turned out amazing, we live under a bunch of for trees here. Talked with Steve and we had the Gutter Glove system put in and we couldn't be happier! Great value and the product really changed the look of the house! Thank you
Amy N.
August 24, 2021
Top quality company in every regard. Steve communicated promptly, the bid was spot on, and the work was fantastic. His prices are reasonable and his installers can make quick on-the-spot decisions and fabricated the gutters on site with a perfect fit. They arrived promptly and were finished quickly. Clean up was great too! Can't recommend them enough, especially after getting outrageous bids from another company that was all about sales.

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All About Gutters
Average rating:  
 192 reviews
 by B.D.
Personal service.

Good advice for my gutter problem. Solved

 by Q.N.
Gutter Installation

I highly recommend Steve and his crew. Reasonable price, excellent communication from Steve and the installers were prompt and were able to make adjustments on the spot. The finished product was excellent!

 by P.K. and B.C.
Great work!

Steve's crew came out and did an absolute fantastic job. I am really picky and I like things done right. I am too old to get on a ladder anymore but I was in construction so I know good work and attention to detail. Santiago response was immediate to any detail I wondered about. The whole crew was polite and worked like the pro's they are. When the job was done, they did another once around to make sure nothing was missed. I look forward to using them again on more of my other homes. If you are as particular as I am then I recommend calling Steve, you won't be disappointed.

Paul Coblentz

 by L
New gutters and Gutter Glove

We needed to find a gutter company since the painters elude that the gutters might need replacement. We contacted Steve at All About Gutters and boy were we impressed. He was the only gutter contractor made a point of going on the roof and checking things out. He was very attentive and give us a couple of suggestions and solutions that would solve us picking leaves from the gutter. He answers all of our questions and was very knowledge, patient, and went over and beyond our exception. The painters decided they wanted to remove the douwnspouts before painting and Steve was kind enough to come back and take them down for us. We also had the Gutter Grove Pro System installed and were very impressed with the installers and the time line. They were very professional, tidy and considerate. Way to go Steve!!!

 by E.M.
Working with All About Gutters

Back in February 2020, I decided to look into having gutter guards installed over my existing aluminum gutters that I personally installed some 25 years ago. I research for a week all the big name gutter guard companies on the Internet and decided to advertise for bids from 3 of the most promising gutter guard designs that I felt might work with my situation. I am completely surrounded by a large cedar tree in front, bamboo on the sides, and a large hemlock tree in back. As you can expect, I have a serious problem with leaves and needles clogging my gutters (more on that later). I decided to go with All About Gutters, because Stev, the owner, and his salesman Steve were the most personable guys I've met in a long time and their product Gutter Glove Pro was the best product on the market. They answered all my questions and concerns. Their bid came in a lot lower than the next lowest bid and they included removal of moss buildup on my existing asphalt shingle roof. Their recommendation on replacing my existing aluminum gutters with new continuous aluminum gutters made sense because in removing and relocating my existing gutters lower on my roof fascia, the gutters got pretty banged up. They were able to match the custom color I had on my old gutters. I enjoyed working with Steve and two of his workers by hauling the old gutters to the front of my house and removing the leaf and needle buildup, which came to the top of all gutters. I would highly recommend having Steve and Jim look at your situation and provide you with a bid. They really are a great team to work with (if you can stand Jim's constant punning). Also checkout Steve's YouTube video where he compares the different brands of gutter guards his company has replaced with the Gutter Glove Pro, that he pulls out of his two dumpsters. Ed

 by Mark
New gutter and Gutter Glove Pro installation

Steve and his crew did an excellent job installing new gutters and the Gutter Glove Pro system on our house. Steve, the company owner, came out evaluating our existing gutters that had been ripped off the roof by recent snow fall. He provided different options, answered our questions and gave us an estimate by email within a couple days. We were impressed that Steve came out and worked with his 3 man crew until the project was done. Steve worked up examples of methods for positioning and attaching the gutters for us to see before they began work. They also corrected some issues with the previous gutter installation. He was very accommodating. He doubled the number of brackets used to hold the gutters on to be stronger for the next snow storm. He also identified a couple of spots where the wood facia board was rotting and what could be done to fix it. They provided customized end caps and connectors to and caulked all joints to finish the job. I also had them install the Gutter Glove Pro system to keep pine needles out of my gutters. We are really pleased with the look and detail of the gutters. We highly recommend Steve and his company.

 by Judi
Beautiful work

The team did a great job on my hundred year old house. From the salesman, who was friendly and proficient, to the owner who checked in by phone, to the workers who clearly knew what they were doing- lots of experience. My gutter installation went smoothly from start to finish!!

 by B.B.
Gutter Installation - West Seattle

Review in October (A rating): The crew, Daniel, Tomas, and an additional person were very professional. They were able to do exactly what I had asked the estimator, Jim, about when he provided the proposal which included some creative redesign to re-route the downspout to the other side of the home. For the side porch they needed to completely re-level the wrap-around gutter to fix a drainage problem. They also went the extra mile and caulked the leaky gutters in the front of the house that I'm holding off on replacing. Update in mid-December (A rating): Steve, the owner, came out to my house because the gutters were overflowing in a critical area over my steep slope. He said they were simply clogged and I apologized as that was really my fault for not checking this before emailing him but I had never had a clogging problem before (in over 15 years) with the old gutters. 1st week of January (Changing to B rating): My neighbor phoned to tell me that the gutter was cascading like a waterfall that morning from up above at the end of the gutter where the downspout is. I called Steve to discuss this the next day and wondered if the gutter was large enough. The hole of the old gutters was rectangular vs. circular and larger. He didn't think it was the size of the gutter and wondered if I could take video to prove it is overflowing. I told him I'd check for more debris over the weekend and let him know what I found. I discovered that the section of the gutter that is overflowing is so close to the ceiling of the overhang that it is attached to that I couldn't see the entire inside the gutter and I will not be able to keep it clean. I took the downspout off to check for a clog and there were a few leaves but not enough to cause an overflow. I let him know by email (1) that one small section needs to be lowered so I can clean it and (2) asked again if there are larger gutters that could be used for that one section. That was a week ago and I have not heard back from Steve so I'm downgrading my overall review from A to B - hoping eventually I will hear back, we can resolve the issue, and I can again rate this company highly.

 by W.C. Linda chan

This company does an excellent job of replacing the gutters and downspouts at my house. Steve the owner of the company is very thoughtful, honest and very easy to work with and I am very happy with his work.

This summer I wanted to replace my gutter and also have my house painted. But the painter that I hired was not very reliable and I never know what day and what time he

will show up. But good thing I have hired Steve (gutters & gutterglove) he was able to adjust his schedule to make accommodate my schedule. He had changed his schedule many time to avoid problems with the painter but he never complaint. He also gave me good advice on the gutter size and the parts that I should use to avoid having clogging problems. I think I have made a excellent choice using this company.

Description of work:

Removed and haul away old gutters and downspouts

Installed 6" (k) style aluminum gutter and downspouts

Installed 6 funnels and 5 drain guards and apply roof moss removal

 by S.F.
Gutter Replacement - Bellevue

The owner Steve was very responsive and Jimmy the installer worked hard doing this project. Jeff Foster who quoted our project was honest and was willing to provide more than one options for the job.

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