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 187 reviews
 by Mark
New gutter and Gutter Glove Pro installation

Steve and his crew did an excellent job installing new gutters and the Gutter Glove Pro system on our house. Steve, the company owner, came out evaluating our existing gutters that had been ripped off the roof by recent snow fall. He provided different options, answered our questions and gave us an estimate by email within a couple days. We were impressed that Steve came out and worked with his 3 man crew until the project was done. Steve worked up examples of methods for positioning and attaching the gutters for us to see before they began work. They also corrected some issues with the previous gutter installation. He was very accommodating. He doubled the number of brackets used to hold the gutters on to be stronger for the next snow storm. He also identified a couple of spots where the wood facia board was rotting and what could be done to fix it. They provided customized end caps and connectors to and caulked all joints to finish the job. I also had them install the Gutter Glove Pro system to keep pine needles out of my gutters. We are really pleased with the look and detail of the gutters. We highly recommend Steve and his company.

 by B.B.
Gutter Installation - West Seattle

Review in October (A rating): The crew, Daniel, Tomas, and an additional person were very professional. They were able to do exactly what I had asked the estimator, Jim, about when he provided the proposal which included some creative redesign to re-route the downspout to the other side of the home. For the side porch they needed to completely re-level the wrap-around gutter to fix a drainage problem. They also went the extra mile and caulked the leaky gutters in the front of the house that I'm holding off on replacing. Update in mid-December (A rating): Steve, the owner, came out to my house because the gutters were overflowing in a critical area over my steep slope. He said they were simply clogged and I apologized as that was really my fault for not checking this before emailing him but I had never had a clogging problem before (in over 15 years) with the old gutters. 1st week of January (Changing to B rating): My neighbor phoned to tell me that the gutter was cascading like a waterfall that morning from up above at the end of the gutter where the downspout is. I called Steve to discuss this the next day and wondered if the gutter was large enough. The hole of the old gutters was rectangular vs. circular and larger. He didn't think it was the size of the gutter and wondered if I could take video to prove it is overflowing. I told him I'd check for more debris over the weekend and let him know what I found. I discovered that the section of the gutter that is overflowing is so close to the ceiling of the overhang that it is attached to that I couldn't see the entire inside the gutter and I will not be able to keep it clean. I took the downspout off to check for a clog and there were a few leaves but not enough to cause an overflow. I let him know by email (1) that one small section needs to be lowered so I can clean it and (2) asked again if there are larger gutters that could be used for that one section. That was a week ago and I have not heard back from Steve so I'm downgrading my overall review from A to B - hoping eventually I will hear back, we can resolve the issue, and I can again rate this company highly.

 by W.C. Linda chan

This company does an excellent job of replacing the gutters and downspouts at my house. Steve the owner of the company is very thoughtful, honest and very easy to work with and I am very happy with his work.

This summer I wanted to replace my gutter and also have my house painted. But the painter that I hired was not very reliable and I never know what day and what time he

will show up. But good thing I have hired Steve (gutters & gutterglove) he was able to adjust his schedule to make accommodate my schedule. He had changed his schedule many time to avoid problems with the painter but he never complaint. He also gave me good advice on the gutter size and the parts that I should use to avoid having clogging problems. I think I have made a excellent choice using this company.

Description of work:

Removed and haul away old gutters and downspouts

Installed 6" (k) style aluminum gutter and downspouts

Installed 6 funnels and 5 drain guards and apply roof moss removal

 by Judi
Beautiful work

The team did a great job on my hundred year old house. From the salesman, who was friendly and proficient, to the owner who checked in by phone, to the workers who clearly knew what they were doing- lots of experience. My gutter installation went smoothly from start to finish!!

 by S.F.
Gutter Replacement - Bellevue

The owner Steve was very responsive and Jimmy the installer worked hard doing this project. Jeff Foster who quoted our project was honest and was willing to provide more than one options for the job.

 by J.L.
Gutter Replacement, Partial Gutterglove Pro Seattle

Very nice to work with. They did some very nice "out of the box thinking" for some newly added deck and carport gutters.

 by K.A.
Replace fallen gutter - Renton

Great! Quick, professional, cost efficient!

 by M.M.
Gutter Replacement Renton

They did a great job of repairing the gutters and when i told them we were getting our house ready to sell, they did a thorough inspection of the roof, looking for anything an inspector might find. We came up with a list and they did that work too, except for replacing the facia board on the garage which needed a contractor. Overall, we are very satisfied with their work and service, and would recommend them.

 by T.D.
Gutter, Downspout, Fascia & Gutterglove Pro - West Seattle

They exceeded our expectations. This is one of the best contractors we have hired. We had our gutters preplaced with new gutters and gutter glove. Their customer service is excellent. We have gone through one of the rainiest winters with our new gutter system and are very satisfied. We highly recommend them!

 by S.M.
Gutter Replacement, Partial Gutterglove Pro Issaquah

it was groovy baby, yeah!

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